Food is one of the human basic needs. Not only that it provides energy and vital nutrients for our daily life, it also has a major influence on our health, physical and mental condition, self-confidence and sport and movement performance.

You can come across many different approaches to food and dietary philosophies - from veganism, RAW food, paleo diet, gluten-free diet all the way to ketogenic diet as an example. For us at Move(F)it! there isn't just one right single direction, every approach has its benefits and its drawbacks. And at the same time we are all different and our body will respond differently.

Unlike some Personal Trainers or Nutritional Advisers we wouldn't give you a strict prescribed 24 hours or a week food plan to follow. We do not see any benefit for you in doing that. We won't force you to eat what's "right". Instead we will help you to better understand your body, its nutritional needs and food that will fulfill the needs.

How does it work? Tell us what your goal is:

  • Body weight adjustment - losing or gaining
  • Indigestion
  • Mental aspects - self-confidence
  • Supporting sports performance - muscle mass gain, optimalisation for sport performance

We will need you detailed food diary for 1 or 2 weeks. Based on the analysis of the diary and your requirements we will advise changes or improvement to reach your goal. But we will make sure that the changes won't have a negative effect on your life and your free time. We shouldn't become slaves of our food.