Psychology and movement. Body and mind. Two undividable elements. Every top athlete or sport team has a sport psychologist taking care of a good mental state of the team or individuals, works on their stress triggers, motivation and pushing their mental limits to maximize the overall performance.

You may wonder how sports psychology applies to you since you do not want to take sport or movement as your professional path. But there is something else we want to achieve.

We want to bring another dimension to the whole movement, exercise and sport process. Self-awareness. The process of fulfilment and the progress to better performance - and not only in movement but in the personal life as well.

Try to imagine you're suffering with stage-fright. And while moving you are losing the tension, the pressure and you feel better. That's because our brain can't distinguish whether the pressure relief is due to a traditional use of psychological tools or through movement.

And our aim is to connect movement with the conscious and unconscious mind to help you to progress.

But to put everything into perspective, do not expect the traditional psychotherapies. We can do them too but we want to focus more on your feelings during movement - the painful ones as well as the euphoric ones. We will teach you to listen and understand the signals of your body that will help you to navigate through your life. We want to show you how to slow down, relax, meditate (there is so many cool ways to do that) and breathe. Once you understand your body signals and can "translate" them you will understand yourself much better and be able to progress in movement and your life.

These methods work with individuals as well as with groups. Groups have an advantage, as by sharing the experiences and feelings within the group you can relate to your own inner self and improve individually based on the group shared experience.

We are also able to design an individual program targeting specific psychological issues in relation to sport and movement performance. We use the EFT method, mental coaching, Bloc Removal therapy and various forms of regression therapies that are targeting specific problems helping in various areas of client's life.

We assume you want to find an inner harmony - to progress physically and mentally. Both elements, body and mind, in sync, are you tools to achieve your goals.