Our program Move(F)un focuses on general movement supporting the natural function of a human body and connection between the body and conscious and unconscious mind. 

The event program and its composition varies usually in length and is based on clients' abilities and requirements. It could be a specific one day course, general weekend course or for example a company teambuilding event. 

From psychological point of view these physical activities can display momentary mental condition, mental balance and stability in life and the ability to deal with problems. By joining the physical and psychical activities we can improve the self-perception, our abilities and opportunities and help achieving our life goals.

Although the programs may be very different, they have a lot in common from the perspective of movement. Their main element is play. Play, the type of joyful, physical activity that we typically associate with young children - can have significant health, mind and body benefits for adults as well. 

Other elements we bring into our program are: 

  • proprioception - balance, feet coordination, eye-hand coordination
  • functional fitness - exercise with medballs, resistance bands or body weight, running
  • quadrupedal motion - great way of further development of body strength and coordination