Different sports have got different requirements for the athlete, both physical and mental. Our program Move(P)lay uses the NEED Analysis. This analysis is used to assess the given sport as well as the athlete himself (group of athletes, sport team) and his requirements or goals.

The whole process is based on a thorough understanding of the given sport. We analyze movement patterns, requirements for specific movement qualities such as endurance, speed or agility as well as psychical aspects (creativity, motivation, stress). By understanding of these factors it is possible to define the basic requirements for the athlete and create a training plan. The training plan specifics usually vary based on client's requirements. Mostly the focus is on improving the sport performance but we have to build in other aspects as well - injury prevention, recalibration of movement patterns and proprioception, postural hygiene and so on.

To target the right areas for any client and to be able to measure the efficiency of the program we have to test the athlete's abilities. This testing is, depending on the sport and the target group, done by simple observing the athletes during the given sport in combination with measuring the athlete's performance during specific activities that are selected based on the previous sport's NEED analysis. Part of the testing is also a basic psychological profile of the client.

At this point we are ready to prepare a training program that will be successful and bring the results the customer expects. The extent of the program may vary - from the test with the result analysis or individual (team) structured training with regular sessions up to a long term co-operation.