Our program Move(P)ush is designed for everybody who wants to improve their body, their fitness or just love exercising. We are able to prepare a program according your needs and requirements that will help you to achieve your goals.

Exercising in the gym or at home might be an ideal baseline for losing weight. A suitable training regime will activate the muscle tissue or lead to gaining more muscle mass at the cost of losing the body fat. The increased active muscle mass is then using more energy and together with appropriate cardio exercise (walking, cycling, running) and possible diet adjustment bring the results.

Our program can be applied to more specific goals as well, such as muscle mass gain, increased strength, speed or as a conditioning exercise for specific sports. And because we are all different, have different goals and expectations and react differently to different inputs, program is individually designed and apart of the usual exercise program we also emphasize on psychological aspects of motivation and goal setting and achievements. When creating a program for additional sport conditioning we use our experience from the Move(P)lay program and we can design a program that will take your performance a step higher.

We do pay special attention to the preparation of home exercise program. Home exercise may have various reasons - lack of time to go to the gym, unsuitable gym in the neighborhood or just because you do not feel well in the gym. But even if the home exercise equipment is limited, the exercise may be more effective than in the gym. Many of the exercises use bodyweight or simple exercise aids like resistance bands or similar. This type of exercises are very effective due to being compound and functional and they help to re-establish or improve the natural body balance and function. Their other advantage is that they are portable - you can take "you gym" with you wherever you go, whether it's a weekend or business trip.

The huge variability of our program allows us to prepare and individual exercise plan for you that will respect your life style and make movement a part of your life.