Move(F)it! is a limited company registered in the Czech Republic under a name of Move(F)it International s.r.o. Our passion is movement, its physical and psychical apects and healthy life style. Within our programs we work with adults and children, individuals and groups, sport teams and companies within their teambuilding activities.

Tomas Aulicky

I have been active since being a kid. I have tried out a lot of various activities but seldom with a reasonable outcome. So I could have had easily become one of these children who decide to stop moving and return back to movement in the middle age as a cure for a high blood pressure or increase in BMI. Luckily, I have found my way to sports and movement rather soon and finally found few sports where I could apply some of my, so far hidden, sport qualities.

The list of sports I've tried since the childhood is fairly long - from judo, handball, water polo, skiing, freediving to squash, American football, tennis, golf or Parkour (the one without horses, I have to add). I still do many of these sports but I only realized how much movement actually gives me  when I started my education about the movement and human body function.

I've took part in Ido Portal's training courses, coaches training by Wild Fitness (UK) and completed a Personal Trainer qualification (EREPS accredited). I'm currently finishing a Parkour Fitness Specialist qualification (UK). But I do know that the field of movement and human body is very complex and our knowledge is still evolving, so I'm committed to my further learning and development.

My passion if functionality of a human body and the efficiency of the movement. At Move(F)it! I focus mainly on the improvement of movement patterns, movement coordination and the renewal of the natural functional body balance that gets affected by past physical and psychical stress. The result is then an improved sport performance, lower risk of injury, the joy of return to the movement or overall physical and psychical progress in the client's life.

Helena Skorepova

I've been working as a psychotherapist and a coach for last 16 years. Many tools I use, psychology, coaching, EFT methods, basics of holistic medicine or working with energies, I studied at a university in Zürich. But the most I've learned was through working with my clients.

Thanks to them I begun to understand that all elements of our life are interlinked, that illnesses don't exist without psychic causes and that our physical performance and ability is strongly related to the state of our conscious and unconscious mind. And all this is a fundamental part of the of Move(F)it! philosophy. Movement, exercise or sport aren't just physical body abilities, they also play a major role in mental development and progress of an individual and helping to balance the body and the mind. And all this movement and the link to the mind can help to unblock the thinking patterns, emotional codes, and allow the individual's progress - on both, physical and psychical plane.

My task is to open the clients' mind to be able to understand their feelings and the feedback from their body to believe in their own strengths and uniqueness. If we can undo the fear of movement or progress, physical and mental, we become more relaxed and willing to make the next step. This helps to deal with all different life situations and stress. We can connect with inner selves, gain a better perspective and understand and allow ourselves to be the person we want to be. This takes away all the need of learning assertiveness techniques or working on self-confidence.

This is the way to connect the body and mind and return to our true selves and where are supposed to be - on our own journey that takes us in the right direction.