Brain on the Move


We love movement. We believe it's great for your body. And we also believe it's crucial for your mind as well. And as far as the mind goes, it's emotions, attitude and brain capabilities in general. Now, there is a little magic happening when you learn some new complex movement. And by complex I mean something challenging, new, involving the whole body. I don't want to go into many details but this is what's happening to you:

Improved proprioception - imagine there is a map of your body in your brain - there are the big towns and major roads to get you around. And now imagine someone has updated the map, drawing all the little villages, small local roads and even the cycling path by the river. This allows you to find your way around so much easier and decide which way you want to go. Well, this is the same, complex movements help to create the map of your body with greater detail for better function and control of your body. And same as now you're taking a the route you want - choosing the fastest or most efficient route, a scenic route alongside the river, avoiding the hill climb or, quite the opposite, challenging yourself on that hill - now you do the same with your body being more efficient, stronger, faster.

Drive synaptogenesis - don't ask... Ok, in simple terms, it's helping to build more neurons connections in the nervoussystem for better communication and control. And not only that, it also brings improved cognitive functions - like memory, attention, executive functions or emotional stability. Isn't it great? So imagine you've just managed your first freestanding handstand. It does feel great, doesn't it? But now you've also earned a little bonus - you'll remember more, it will be easier to learn new stuff and your brain can now decipher the problems and help you to decide way quicker.

Stimulates reward - in the lame terms, it does make you feel happy. Going a bit deeper, brain get flooded with dopamine and you feel great. The fact you have accomplished something new, complicated, difficult - you just have to feel good about yourself. And even the introverts (trust me, I know what I'm talking about) will be showing off at the parties doing a tuck planche or walking handstand (in no way I'm encouraging drink and planche or any head down exercises!).

I got quite excited about this subject here but I do find the human body fascinating in all aspects. And to be honest, my brain is dopamine flooded right now. I've joined a journey to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach where I'm trying to master some new very powerful and complex movements. I have learned it's not easy, it takes time, it takes effort and it takes some failure in the process. But when you get there, it does make you feel proud of yourself. And it makes you looking out for a new challenge, whether it's a new complex move, challenge at work or in your life. It doesn't matter, you just accomplished one, there is nothing stopping you from the next. So all I can say is, challenge yourself, move and upon achievement be ready for the next step.