Parkour Training


Move It! Or rather move it to be fit. And happy... One of the movement gurus, Ido Portal, says when he talks about the ability of the body to move:"...use it or lose it!". Now, we are not as stringent in what we do. Yes, we love to move, play and explore our bodies potential. But we feel that nobody should do it for the fear of losing the ability. We encourage the exploration, the understanding, the joy and the achievement of personal goals.

I've entered my movement journey a while ago and I can't even describe the kick I was getting from every little step I took. Whether it was a new sport, activity, approach, knowledge or meeting people with common interests, I felt empowered and realized that this is me, this is what I'm good at and what I want to do. And since this is a journey of learning, knowledge and experience, I'm not about to stop any time soon.

I don't know if you had a chance to explore our website at You might have found the section where we talk about friends and inspiration. One of the major inspirations in my professional life, when it comes to movement, is my friends from Parkour Generations. Parkour has always been something that I wanted to try and to be able to fly as the guys on Youtube do - the gracious movement, the flow, the mental and physical ability and not to forget, the wisdom and modesty of these world class athletes. I had the pleasure of meeting them and training with them on multiple occasions and they truly inspired me to want more of such a complex movement and life style. So now, and this is probably the reason of this post, I'm about to make another big step on my journey as next two weekends I'll be spending in London and enroll in a special Parkour training program. And I am excited... I'll fly!

And I'm sure I'll be able to apply the newly found knowledge and experience in order to help you to move in a way that makes you feel better or brings you the results you're after. Tom, Move(F)It!