Summer is here, let's get outside!


So we're back outside. After few months of asylum from our friends U Jeziska (CrossFit Plzen, to be precise) we got the weather that made would make it a shame to stay inside. And even though the May weather can be a little unstable, this time it came out perfectly!

We got together in sun flooded Borsky Park in Pilsen. The time our activities focused on the range of motion and stability. We started with a thorough work on our wrists which are heavily affected by our current way of life with computers and smart phones as well as shoulders and thoracic and cervical spine. After that we focused on hip position, lumbar spine and rotational stability. And to end it all, to make sure our bodies felt like they were exercising we engaged in a specific functional exercises to promote body coordination and overall stability. And as usual, through fun and play.

As always, we promote the connection between the fitness of the body and mind. So we engaged in psychotherapy and discussions about the significance of particular exercises for our mind and life in general.

Even the lunch was amazing. And to be able to share the atmosphere a little better, few photos.

So once more, for you, guys, who joined us, thanks for your visit and your support and for all the others, you are more than welcome to join us on our next sessions very soon.


Move(F)it! Team