Web pages, finally...


When I first started to design our web, it was tough. After all, it was new for me and not everything has worked the way I hoped it would. But when the first version came out, we were really happy and we thought they were perfect.

But only up to the point when we introduced them to the public. The graphics, layout and content were received quite well but soon we learned from the feedback how much is actually missing. We started to realize that there is so much more we should be sharing with you.

So now is the time to introduced our old-new web. We finally managed to populate the "About us" section so now you know who we are and also maybe why are we the way we are. We also extended the information about the provided services. Each of our programs has a now a separate page with a bit more details to give you a better idea for what to expect. We have also added a photo galery, picture speaks of thousand words. And the last addition is our Blog page. We want to share with you all sorts of information and news about Move(F)it!. So now we have the opportunity and we're looking forward to that.

So please welcome on our new web and we hope you like them and that they provide you with any information you might look for. And if not, let us know, we'll look forward hearing from you.

Move(F)it Team